Live All Your Life

012 Entrepreneurial Update for September 2022

September 30, 2022 Cody Limbaugh and Tali Zabari Season 1 Episode 11
Live All Your Life
012 Entrepreneurial Update for September 2022
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We pull back the curtain to look behind the scenes on LiveAllYourLife! Mistakes, room for improvement, ups, and downs, we share it all as we walk the walk of our mentorship and coaching business.

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0:00 Introduction

0:45 Showing up for yourself

1:40 Something Cody needs to improve

2:48 Action Bias

5:00 Self Empowerment

7:15 Take the smallest step possible to get unstuck and gain momentum

8:30 Stepping into a leadership role

9:45 Cody is quitting

11:08 Taking a leap

11:58 Valuable Stoic Practice: Accept the worst-case scenario

12:40 Wanting the best version of your partner

14:28 Just keep moving, pivot as needed by remaining present and aware

15:50 Swimming upstream

18:11 Gratitude

19:59 Motivated by teamwork

20:54 Speaking of mistakes...Tali's confession

22:56 A shift in values needs to involve a shift in practices

23:15 Getting creative in order to keep moving forward

24:19-30:52 Delayed gratification is important, but can be a trap!

26:57 A Passion pursuit requires less discipline than chasing money for it's own sake

30:52 Apply interval training to your goals

32:47 Arbitrary goals can represent hidden opportunity costs

35:01 You can't know the "right timing", so move toward your vision ASAP!

37:21 Action leads to motivation, don't wait on motivation to move

39:00 Action builds confidence

39:27 Action fosters creativity and solutions present themselves with movement

40:13 The next steps in our business

44:16 If you are looking to make a change, do this!!!

44:55 The POWER of the Law Of Association: James Clear, "If you want to build a habit that lasts, join a group where the desired behavior is the normal behavior."

46:14 Here are some resources to help you implement positive change

47:24 Sign-off: Entrepreneurial Updates, more to come!

We're gonna give you a little behind the scenes update on our business, the business of betterment. Isn't that? What you called it? Yeah, but that's not what it's called.  no, that's not what it's called, but that's what we do, right. Yeah. You know, I love alliteration. Yeah. Like live all your life. Yeah. So we , we were just kind of wrapping up our last episode about virtuosity and that being a latter step in the possible decisions one could make in a pursuit and the first step being.

Just making the commitment to yourself that you're gonna show up and I couldn't help, but think about the development of our business, which, you know, I think about how you and I have a lot of like, disdain for People or even within ourselves when it feels like it's all talk and no action. You know, I have that judgment towards others because I have been that person too.

And something that I am feeling just so tremendously proud of is you and I are making moves on this business. All the time mm-hmm , there is like very real traction and very real results that, you know, it was definitely relevant to the podcast because, you know, we've learned those that through training mm-hmm  if you show up you do the work, maybe not everything just right.

But if you do work. There will be something that comes out of it. Something something happens. Yes. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. My book that I wrote, you know, I think there's, I, I meant to mention this in the last episode too. Sometimes I get really wound up when I'm talking about something and I think it comes across as being very polarizing to the opposing view that I'm discussing.

In reality in my mind, I think a lot more nuanced, but sometimes, but you also love to play devil's advocate. I do, but I sometimes I'll, I'll say something with such passion that I think people think it's the only that I'm advocating it for it being sort of a black and white yes or no, I'm right. Kind of situation.

But a lot of times I feel like the only reason I get so wound up about it is. The culture at large has an opposing message. That's being pushed really hard. And so I feel like I need to push back on it a little bit, even though I realize there's more nuance to it. Okay. So I want to get that outta the way early in this podcast, because I wanna change that about myself.

I wanna be a better communicator to get ideas across without sounding like I'm just pissed off or, or preaching at you. Cuz I don't mean to come across that way.  but.  in that same vein. I wrote a book called stop setting goals.  and I'm not really saying don't set goals, but I'm saying reframe the way you look at goals.

And one of the things, the themes in that book that I never really even picked up on myself is what I'm really advocating for is to become more action biased. Instead of planning, biased. I think people just think they're making progress by making plans, but making plans is not progress. It's only when you start to take action that.

Anything real happens in the real world. So all the mental gymnastics that we go through is very important. Having a vision affirmations, like all these things we talked about in some of, in our last podcast about like building confidence through affirmations and self acceptance and everything. I'm not opposed to those things.

I just think if they're not paired with action.  they're pointless. Well, they're in the vacuum of your mind. Yeah. And you can't make your mind more healthy by just thinking yourself into, you know, that's like saying, well your depression's just all in your head. It's kind of true, but you're not gonna think yourself outta depression.

You gotta move on it. You gotta take action. So. The theme of the book, the theme of our business, the theme of our coaching, a lot of the things that we're doing in life right now is trying to develop an action bias so that we're moving the needle. We're making progress. We're we're going somewhere. We're doing something.

Yes. I think a lot of the motivation comes from two people who would consider themselves procrastinators mm-hmm  and. Have been taught through one medium or another. For me, it was Weightlifting, of course, I'm sure everybody is so tired of hearing that by now, but that's why I love the sport. Y'all it just changed my life.

And it showed me that if I did something, if I showed up, if I did work, then life could really be pliable. And any sort of like, Thinking about like any kind of like feelings of being a victim of my life were just totally diminished and yes, there are gonna be things in our lives that we cannot change and don't have control over, but it showed me that I have the power to.

Change my circumstances to change my thinking, to change my preparedness, to change my physical responses to things. And I really feel like. You know, when Cody and I got together, we not only had just a lot of ideas to share, but you and I would actually implement things. You know, I would say our first really big project was our finances.

And we talk about those all the time and that not only got a lot of traction, but a lot of really wonderful results and has. Deepened our relationship and has really taken a lot of pressure off of our marriage in other ways that maybe other people don't get to have mm-hmm . And so I feel like our business is the same thing.

Mm-hmm  you always would say, you know, I wanna create something together. And I always thought that was a sweet sentiment. And I was like, oh, that's nice.  and you know, you and I even went as far as to. Register an LLC and like actually pay to do it. And I was just like, nah, that's nice. Like it's out there kind of just existing somewhere.

And we kind of just didn't do anything with it for a long time. And just seeing like what we are accomplishing, like even in just really small ways, this podcast, for example, our. Consistency with doing it. Mm-hmm  is so cool. You know, I love talking to my family about it. When they listen to an episode, my sister has started like sending us little voice recording responses and of questions she has.

And you know, even if that's all it ever amounts to.  I love that we're doing it. You know, this was in pursuit of a even larger project and you, and I felt like we didn't have the bandwidth to write a book. And so here we are pivoting to a different medium, you know, potentially still in pursuit of that book.

I don't know. Maybe the book never happens, but something is being created. Yeah. Regardless. Yeah. And I don't, I don't remember exactly what it was that inspired us to.  start from wherever it is that we were. But. We've talked about it, you know, it's, it's one of those things that we also have talked about in another podcast, which may not have come out by the time this is posted, but of taking like the smallest step possible, just to get momentum, like the way we started this podcast was we bought sound tiles.

It was like $24 on Amazon. But we got those and then we got the, the mic set up and then we bought carpet and then we bought paint and we started to clean up the room and get all the. Out of it, cuz it was kind of a storage room. Mm-hmm , you know, we were taking small steps toward this progress even before we started recording.

Yeah. And now that we're here, we have recorded 15 episodes. Woo. What, and we've you published maybe a third of those so far by the time this one comes out. But we also. Are developing the website, we're hiring a marketing company. We have signed up a new client this morning for, in person training that we're both really excited about.

So there's a lot of movement in all the areas of the business that we have a vision for in the future. That's gonna be a vastly different lifestyle. Yeah. And a vastly different When I say lifestyle, I just mean everything. Schedule location, independence, like all kinds of things that are gonna be attached to that.

And also stepping up into leadership roles, which you and I have occupied in the past mm-hmm , but we have not been actively engaged in a leadership role for a few years. Both of us have sort of stepped out of. Position. Can you just mean as coaches in every way you were team captain, you were not just a coach, you were captain of the team.

You were, you've been, you've been an author. You know, you've been a paid author before on catalyst, which is not a small thing. Like catalyst is a huge weightlifting community and. You know, you had leadership roles and I've had leadership in the roles in the past. And I sort of allowed certain defeats to just take me outta that game completely and think, well, maybe that's just not who I am.

And then I've realized over the last couple years that I've really have a hunger to step up and be who I need to be to help other people live better lives. And so. I'm really excited about what we're doing and also really excited that you, that we're on the same page. Yeah. That we're kind of rowing the boat in the same direction and to be really like vulnerable with everybody.

Who's listening to this. What this means is I'm quitting my job in five weeks from.  and it's not, I'm not quitting my job because we're already making so much money. You know, I think there's this. No, that's really not. It , that's really not. It there's an idea out there. The old school idea that I used to be taught was, well, if you're gonna start a business, you should have two years of living expenses saved up so that you can not be stressed about the money and actually just go forward in the business and, and all this.

And then what they're not saying in that is that, well, you also have to have the capital to start the business. So it. Yeah, I gotta be a millionaire to start a business. It's so dumb. I think it's the stupidest advice ever, because it's just well, setting up to get ready to get ready. It's forever. It's very conservative and you and I are not conservative people.

Yeah.  but, but I think the modern mantra is get a side hustle and then keep your Jade day job. And for as long as you want it, and or until that side hustle, outgrows your, your job. But here's another problem with that. We only have so much energy and time to go around. Yeah. And when your job is kicking your ass, that side hustle may never take off.

Or if it does, it could take years or decades to take off. Right. And so what we're doing is we're take, instead of that, we have prepared some, but not a lot. We've prepared a little, we're gonna be leveraging. Just a little bit of money, but what we're doing is we are taking a leap. Yeah. And we're taking a leap.

That's gonna require us to kick ass in like 90 days. Or I have to go get another job. That's, that's the risk we're taking. Like, to me, it's not a huge risk because we're, we're living in a job market right now. We're businesses are starving for employees. And so I feel like timing. It's, it's not that risky really.

The only risk will be the emotional defeat of having to go back and get another job because the business didn't take off in time, but you know, what have you mentally taken yourself there of what that might be? Because it's a, I don't actually think of it. I'm gonna let you answer first and then I'll okay.

Yeah. Well, there's a stoic practice that is basically imagining your worst case scenario mm-hmm  and then coming to accept it.  as being okay with that worst case scenario and then letting it go and saying, okay, now I'm gonna strive for the best case, because I know that I can endure the worst case scenario.

So I've already, I've kind of done that practice, but to be honest with you,

I don't believe it. I think it's a lie. I don't think I'm gonna have to go back and get another job because I fucking believe in what we're doing. I have so much that we have a plan B, but I don't think we need the plan B. I don't think we need it, but I think it's an important exercise to just like what I was taught as.

Take your fears to tea. Yeah.  and and. I have thought about that too. Mostly for you because you are the one who's quitting your job and you know, when you are struggling with your energy and not wanting to go to work or to spend your life there, you know, I, I really feel for you and it's not. And it's because I love you so much that I want you to thrive.

Because it always, it brings out the best parts of you being an entrepreneur and being a leader. And those are all the things that made me fall in love with you in the first place. And so, you know, it can be looked at selfishly in that way to have, you know, the husband that I know and love in, in the arena that makes you that man.

But You know, I feel like I'm up against a lot of old stories in my mind of not being able to do it. And you should just go back to school and like, these are things I don't wanna do. I don't wanna get into like thousands of dollars of debt going back to, you know, an arena where I did not feel like I belonged.

But in my family, that's the norm. That's what people do. And I. Really just see this as like a different way of you and I exercising, teaming up. And I am just really curious to see what happens mm-hmm  and, you know, even if it did come to the point where you did have to go back to work, I would just imagine that you and I will pivot.

Right. I would imagine that we will just tweak something in our desired business model to accomodate. Whatever we feel like we have to do at the time and what you and I are learning right now is that it just takes continuous movement. Mm-hmm  and I think that that's the most important lesson. Like you just don't stop and that might mean it looks different.

Like, you know, when you're training and you're coming up against injury, that doesn't mean. Quit everything and lay on the couch. Yeah. You can't like, that's not a good way of going about it. You take away all kinds of potential if you give into a standstill, so you and I will pivot mm-hmm  and I feel really okay with that.

I really do. You know, I, I, I understand what you mean when you say, like, I don't think we really need our plan B But I more just feel like it's our job to just pay attention to what is the next best step for us. Mm-hmm  and that is continuously changing every single day, depending on circumstance.

That's why life, isn't a journey. It's a dance, right. We're just gonna turn a different direction. And. At a flourish and make it look good.  yeah. And I'm really a big believer in not having to force things. Mm-hmm , you know, we were talking about like anger as a means of like motivation or motivation or like wielding our energy in that way to like make a lift or something.

And part of me really just doesn't buy into it because I don't want to over manipulate. I feel like if you're. Like constantly swimming, upstream, like there's a certain level or like threshold of like tension that we can really work with. But if we are Constantly fighting. You get worn down. Yeah.

And you're gonna end up wherever the water spits you out anyway, right? Yeah.  so you might as well go with the flow. So I, I really just wanna like go into this leap with that in mind, because, you know, we intend to continue to be together. We can intend to continue living here. You know, there, there are even like bigger pictures.

At play here that I wanna appeal to. Yeah. You know, I don't wanna put ourselves in a position that feels contentious or ever like puts us into question. And I think it could maybe even be our, like our greatest creative work. So I think about like taking my fears to tea as. Not really like a, an absolute of that fear, but like how can that even be a tool in and of itself?

the fear. Yeah. It's almost like a hinge mm-hmm  like, it's a possibility, but it can also lead to something else. Yeah. It's not an end point. It's not either, or yeah, it's these, aren't the only two options. It's not just sink or swim, even though that's kind of what. Motivated me to just like, go for it. Like, let's just see what happens.

Like we either make it or we don't, but the don't doesn't mean nothing. Right, right. We were also talking about something other than nothing, but did you die? Yeah. It's not gonna, yeah.  So yeah, I think it's great that all the themes that you and I talk about. In our philosophy of fitness podcast also pertained to our business and who knows, like maybe you and I will have a business podcast one day.

Yeah. Well, and that's because you and I are like paying attention to all of it right now. Yeah. Well, definitely entrepreneurialism is gonna be a part of this podcast. I, it, can't not be because it's such a big part of who I am. So, and I'm along for that ride. Yeah. I'm hoping it will rub off on me.  but you your support in facing the fear is.

I'm so grateful for, I just wanna say it like here publicly, like how grateful I am for your support. You know, in the, the reason I'm stumbling over my words is it's more than support. It's like, there's a difference between not criticizing and then actually stepping up and helping. There's just a big difference between those two things.

Well, I believe in you, honey. And there's been times in my past where I've been criticized for my desire for entrepreneurialism, because I was surrounded by people who thought that hard work and getting a good job and staying with it for 40 years was an ethical. It's an ethical stance. Like that person is better than someone who hops around to different jobs or tries to go out on their, in their own business.

Cuz they're just being selfish. They just don't wanna work. You know, that kind of attitude was put on to me for many years by people that were very close to me. And not only do you not do that, not only do you not criticize my desire for a liberated life, like a more freedom, but. Step up to help. Like you want to share the vision with me and go places with me and be a part of it.

And it's not my business that you're helping me with at all. It's our business. It's totally like our, our thing together. Well, it's in a, in exchange for some creative control as well.  yeah, but I don't know if you heard, but I it's because I believe in you, I have a lot of faith in your abilities and it's not It's not just because I love you.

It's because I've actually seen you at work. And I think you're brilliant and I love seeing you that way. So of course, I'm gonna do what I can to, to put you back in that position. And I know you do the same for me. It's what's so great about our partnership and To be able to do that with each other, not just alongside each other is so exciting.

Mm-hmm. Yeah, well, that just motivates me to try to live up to that too. You know, if you, well, don't feel pressured. Well, I just, I, my, my vision for myself is to hopefully live up to the man. You think I am  you are the man. I think you are. I know, but I'm just saying, like, that's so funny. I don't want to, there's an extra incentive to not flake out or get lazy or get distracted or those kind of things, you know, I can make mistakes, cuz that's absolutely gonna happen.

But. You know, you're not gonna catch me binging Netflix three days a week, just because I'm home working from home. That's not gonna happen because, you know, I wanna be a better man for you so that that's there. You know, that's part of, what's pushing me along. Speaking of mistakes, I actually have one to disclose  so.

In pursuit of launching this business and getting the marketing support that we really find necessary to kind of like justify this leap and like get the ball rolling in the way that we want slash need to, to make. Enough money just to like support the business and pay our bills and hopefully turn a profit too.

We have been really stingy lately with our spending and, you know, we definitely got to a place where our gap, which is what we have left over after all of our bills are paid and our debt snowball is addressed to just have for fun money, dates, shopping, all sorts of stuff like that. You know, We have really kind of closed that gap in ourselves so that we could allocate money to the business.

And I, I spent some money this week  and it's in our gap ledger, but it doesn't say what it is. I bought another lipstick and it's in the mailbox now.  you look great. Thanks. I don't, I don't necessarily feel like guilty about it. But I'm just saying, like, there are growing pains happening here where like, it's, we're just changing our priorities right now.

And it's really easy for me to wanna hang on to the life that we have right now. Like all of the comfort that is awarded to us and that we, or maybe not awarded, I was gonna say afforded that's what I meant. Yeah. That we can afford. But. , you know, I've also come to my values have changed too, since being with you and being able to spend more time together, you know, when you and I are both working a nine to five or a seven to four, I don't get to see you very much.

And I don't really love the idea of being married to somebody. I don't see very much. Yeah. So. Yeah, with that shift in values, you know, so do our practices. Mm-hmm  and I just wanted to disclose that my practices aren't as tightly, you know regimented as they could be. Well, they never will be like, we're always gonna be flawed people.

And I know I'm trying, doing the best we can, but that's just, that's part of the process is just to keep moving, like. What's the next thing we can do. What's the next thing, you know? Yeah. Can we sell something to make, to, to raise money or, you know, to close this gap? Or what can we do creatively to, to make the next step happen?

Yeah. And, or just even to like soften the blow a little bit, like, I think about. You know, I go through my closet really regularly and get rid of stuff all the time, but I've also found that, and then the community that we live in, where it's hard to find things locally, that a lot of people sell their items like via Facebook and all that.

And it's There's a lot of turnover. Like it's very easy to sell things here because people don't necessarily wanna buy from Amazon or they don't wanna have to go all the way into town, like however many hours away. And so, you know, I think about, you know, being able to maybe sell things that I don't use anymore as a way to like, feed the desire that I have to get myself things that aren't necessarily needs.

You know, I want to kind of like.  put a lot of effort in towards this business, but I also don't wanna like strip ourselves so much that we are resentful of it. Mm-hmm , you know, the fact that you and I went on a date today was so energizing. Mm-hmm , you know, you and I have been in the position financially before where we absolutely could not do it.

Yeah. And I feel like you and I have like finally figured out how to strike a balance or have at least made enough progress. So that. When we do decide to tighten things up, it's not. On or off it's not black or white, like there is wiggle room breathing room to go on a date. Yeah. Well, to get a new pair of jeans, when I blow out the crotch of another pair,  well, not the crotch.

Well, the, the inner thigh, the theme, I know all y'all whose legs touch. It's a real issue. So you're, you're touching on what I had started to say. You know, I sometimes get kind of revved up when I'm talking about something and I sound maybe angry about it. It's more passionate, but I mm-hmm  maybe come across as very polarizing.

And I don't mean to be absolute. And but there is like this sort of concept out there of delayed gratification that is often taught in that way as if it's a binary thing. Like you're either somebody who practices delayed gratification. You don't deserve to go out. You don't deserve a lipstick. You don't deserve to get new clothes.

You don't get, you know, you don't get your haircut. You don't, you don't do shit until your business is where you needs to be, because you need to put all that money into it. And it's delayed gratification, and this is a virtue and this is how you succeed BA . And it's like, and it's like, but , or, and, you know, I like, but, and you can also delay gratification being like, I'm not gonna.

I'm not gonna ask for any time off of my work to go on a motorcycle ride with my motorcycle club, because I only have five more weeks of work left and we need all those hours in order to pay for the next step of the business. And so there's delayed gratification there, but that does not mean that we can't watch the Elvis movie tonight.

Mm-hmm  have some downtime. You know, that doesn't mean we can't go out with some friends on Sunday that we're planning to do.  all that means is that we might just have to work a little harder to make up for those.  indulgences, you know, and I'm willing to make that trade off because I'm confident that we can do it.

I'm, I'm confident that we can overcome not only the needs that we need to raise for the business, but also have some, like live our fucking life in the process. Well, and how wonderful that what you and I are pursuing is something that we're actually really excited and passionate about. Mm-hmm  I think about when you and I were putting out signs for flipping houses mm-hmm  and.

There was so much friction around it because I don't think either one of us really cared to do it. The finance, like the money that could have come from it. Yeah. Sounded great. But it was fully. Money motivation. Yeah. A hundred percent. Right. And you and I have said over and over that, like we would still do this even if we didn't make money.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. The podcast is so much fun, still fun. And writing is the same way. Yeah. I plan plan on writing books, the rest of my life, even if I never sell another copy, which could be likely, I don't know, but is something that I en enjoy doing and I'm passionate about. So if I can, if I can make a living at that.

It would be a more fulfilling life for me than chasing money. Yeah. That's why I'm not on the, you know, stock exchange or something like that. I mean, I think I have the brains to be able to be a professional trader or something like that, but I don't want my life to be in pursuit of. Gratification that comes down the road and always kicking that can down the road.

Cause I've fallen into that trap before I've fallen into a 20 year trap of kicking. The pleasure can down the road being like I don't deserve to have fun because I haven't succeeded in my goals yet. I'll be happy when this happens or that happens. That's a bullshit way to live. So this whole idea of delayed gratification, it can be a tool, but I think it can be a tool in the same way that a budget is a tool.

You can budget your gratification. You know, like I'm gonna delay 80% of my gratification because I know that we're on the cusp of something great happening in our business, but I'm still gonna keep 20% of my like pleasure for the moment. What if the next three months is the last three months of my life, I'm not gonna like delay everything I have in my life to, for some future that may or may not.

We, we don't know what the hell's gonna happen. Yeah. You don't get to know that. And so you should really live all your life. Uh, Yeah. You should really live with that in consideration. Just another like example of that delayed gratification or Kind of making allowances, if you will, Yom Kippur is coming up on the Jewish calendar.

And that is probably the only like one of two days that I will take off of work for just to celebrate, I guess it's not really like a celebratory holiday, but it's, I kind of celebrate it in my own fashion, which is too fast. And to kind of use it as a day of reflection. You know, I had prompted you earlier this week about maybe taking it off.

And you know, I don't consider myself a religious person at all, but there are some practices in like cultural traditions, traditions that I very much subscribe to still, but they're constantly evolving, you know? And so I feel like. I'm okay with deciding like, oh, I'll go to work that day because right now you and I are chasing.

something mm-hmm  right now, you and I are building something and right now, and the cool thing about it is like, I feel like I'm tapping into my priorities where, you know, when it comes to a lipstick, I'm like, Ugh, what's a, what's $20. Like that will be that I can make an excuse for, but, you know, taking off a whole day of work that, that feels like too far over the line for me right now, in terms of my comfort level.

So . Yeah. I just feel like being able to continuously assess that is just a really good practice. Mm-hmm  and like you said, like don't make rules so rigid for yourself that you end up looking back 20 years being like, well, what the fuck was that for? Mm-hmm  life is all about, is a lot. There's a lot more to life than just keeping your head above water.

yeah. One of the things that's motivating me to be more quote, unquote, disciplined, if you will, to like, not spend money or to put in those extra hours at work to, and to work all weekend. Like we're hustling. We're we're fucking hustling. Oh yeah. Weekends aren't weekends anymore. Yeah. We're not, it's not weekends.

It's. Four days at the job and then three days on our business and then four days on our job. And three days at the business and somewhere in there, we still have to get the dishes done. And, and the logging starts this weekend. That is a yeah. Dig old wrench to be throwing into all of this. Yeah. We're gonna be cutting firewood for half of the day tomorrow.

So, but the thing that keeps me moving on that is that I, I like the idea of like interval training. It's a sprint. And so knowing that it's a sprint, like I'm not planning on doing this for the next 10 years.  right. It would not be possible. I'm looking at a minimum of three months and probably a maximum of six months of just hardcore balls out.

Everything I have to get this business launched and off the ground. And after that, it needs to be reigned into something that's sustainable and closer to the vision that we want for the business. It's just that we gotta get that big ship moving and that's gonna take a lot of energy. Yeah. But I'm prepared for that because I think that the plan that we have is a very sustainable long term plan for how the business is structured, which is how our life is structured, cuz our business is just part of our life and it's a way that we wanna live.

And I see that. I see it clearly enough that I'm energized for the sprint work, even though. Tired, like literally tired all the time. Yeah. But but that fatigue is not demotivating because I know that it's like, it's part of the work that's needing to be done to, to get that sprint. Well, that's because now we are at least flexing the muscles that we want yeah.

To be flexing, which I think. Is really meaningful. Yeah. There was a time a few months ago when we had set sort of a arbitrary financial goal of how we wanted to achieve this, which was to save up enough money that we had three months of living expenses. We were gonna save up enough money to pay cash for the marketing all upfront in one lump sum.

And then I was gonna quit my job and give it a go. But in realizing at our current rate of savings, how long that would take, it would be a long time. It would be a while. It'd be a year to a year and a half, I think, 18 months or so it would probably be realistic for something like that. But, Ooh, I didn't think about it that far down the line.

Once I made it beyond like six months in my mind, I was like, Ugh, that's already too far.  too far out the way I had to look at that as sort as, and maybe this is just a post hoc justification for an emotional decision, but I'm gonna stick to my guns here. Is to think of it in mathematical terms. I believe that I can make twice as much in our business as I do at my job.

Even in the first year, I'm not talking like way down the line. I'm just saying like, once we get it stable and like moving after the first few months, I think I can make that. Yeah. We don't require a lot of money between, you know, even at our jobs and don't make a lot of money. Yeah. We're living pretty comfortably.

Very circumstantial. You know, we would not be able to like live in the city for instance, with the money that you and I are making. No, and we're not making much money at all. It's, it's low wages, but that's also means it's easy to replace . Yeah. So we don't have to make a lot in the business to do fairly well.

Right. And, but getting back to my point, I think that in three to six months, I can make more money by making this leap than I could. Working at the job and saving up to make the leap. So, yeah, it's probably an emotional decision and I'm just like eager to get out of the job. But I do think it's justifiable to say that I think the math works out to where if it works, we're gonna be making more money over the next year or the next two years, then we would have had we quote unquote done it right.

And saved all this money up front. So that. Kind of the justification in my head that I think that the, the timing is just not worth like waiting till everything's right. Sometimes you just gotta move, even when it's not quite the right timing. Like, but that's like the right timing is like kind of a bullshit.

It is. That's what I'm saying. Idea in general when it comes to anything. Yeah. It's already, like, we decided to get married and it's like, well, what let's just go ahead and do that. Like now . Yeah. But then there's also things where like, Ugh, timing is everything. Also timing is bullshit. I think both kind of coexist both beliefs because it's kind of like when people talk about having a baby.

You very rarely get to like choose the exact time. Like when is the right time to have a baby? There is none, you know, I'm saying you wanna have a baby? Oh, stop.  . But it's kind of like that whole getting ready to get ready to get ready. Mm-hmm  I'm so tired of that. Mm-hmm  of buying into that or leaning into that because I love the feeling of achievement.

I love.  being able to recall life experience and you can't have life experience if you don't get some mm-hmm . And so I definitely feel motivated to keep moving forward, even though there are so many things that like would normally. Have me call it quit at this point, but having you as a partner and doing this together goes a really long way in alleviating that.

So I'm, I hope that you can really appreciate how much influence you have here in my life, just personally, by doing this with me. Yeah. I appreciate that. And I think that's just reflected back on me too. I draw a lot of strength from having you here and in my corner and doing it together and being collaborative about everything.

You know, we have a meeting and it's like, there's no, there's not a single aspect of this business. That's just like our own thing. Like we write our own blog posts and we have our own voices, but we're doing all aspects of it together. It's not that I have a blog. And then we do the podcast together. We both do the blog.

We both do the podcast. We both coach, we both design things. We both have programming. We we're both writing. You know, we. We're both all in it's a hundred percent and a hundred percent. It's not 50 50. And that I draw a lot of energy from oh shit. I forgot. What else you say? I went down a tangent. Well, maybe we should talk about our next couple of steps and like what.

We're doing right now to, I remember what I gonna going say and you're right. I do want to talk about the next steps, but I guess I just wanted to say you, you and I both have just brought up recently about how motivated we are, how energized, et cetera. And I just wanna re reiterate something that I'm constantly preaching on, which is that action causes motivation.

It's not the other way around you and I were not this energized six months ago because we weren't doing Jack. We were going to work and we were paying bills, but we were not like actively working on the business. No, like six to nine months ago. And because of that, it felt like it was forever away and it wasn't very energizing.

Well, it was put on the back burner. Yeah. Like this will become relevant sometime. Yeah. And we had to just make it relevant. Right. But I don't know if you've noticed this or have felt it, but. We started with very small steps. You know, I talked about like painting this room, putting carpet down, like mm-hmm, , we're gonna have a podcast.

And so let's make a studio. And we in taking those small steps, they built in momentum. And now I'm more that snowball. Hey. Yeah. And I'm more energized.  to do more work now than I was six months ago. But it's the effort that has caused the energy. It's not the other way around. I think so many people get that backwards.

They want to be motivated and then do work. They want to feel energized and then do work. You just have to take a step, feel, fit enough to do the workout. It doesn't work that way. You gotta do the workout. When you feel like garbage, then you feel fitter. You gotta, yeah. You know, you gotta take action. And then that causes motivation.

And most people just get that backwards. So I just wanted to like throw that out there cuz we are living that shit right now and I feel it don't you. Oh yeah. I just feel like we're in constant motion and I think that that's where the confidence comes in. It's like it doesn't really even matter where it goes.

Yeah. Just the fact that we're doing it. You know, there was a point in time where we talked about how we hate small talk and hate being asked. So what are you up to and being like, well, nothing. . I definitely can't say that anymore. There's so much going on. Yeah. And I love that. Yeah. So action has caused us to feel more motivated.

It's caused us to feel more confidence. It's caused us to feel more creative. Like we're coming up with ideas, we're solidifying some of the services that we couldn't nail down for the longest time. We couldn't figure out how is this workshop gonna work? Like, how are we gonna make an online course about what, what is it gonna be?

Why is it gonna go? And now we're, that's that's. Getting clearer and more sharper focused on that creative aspect. The more we work it's like we had to move first. You can't steer a parked car, so you like, we're getting direction and, and the confidence and like all those things are coming after. Action.

Not before we take action. Yeah. Yeah. So the next steps, next steps. So. We have already kind of figured out our budget for next month in advance and have kind of decided how much of that is gonna be going away into our business account. What else? I gave notice at work. Everyone knows what we're doing there.

Yeah. It's all on the up and up. So yeah. One of your coworkers, when I brought you coffee the other day, she's like, I'm so excited for you guys. Wow. Your own business. And I was like, oh, I didn't know that people actually knew. Yeah. Everybody there know what was going on. Yeah. Everybody there knows. Cuz I, I felt weird cuz they kept like, I just got a raise last week and that was after I gave notice.

they're still, that is weird. And they were, but you are keeping really good standing with them in the case lab plan. B does have to be. Yeah. I implemented, you know, keeping the door open for sure. And, but they're wanting to train me in a new department when I only have five weeks left and they're still even talking about perhaps moving me over and training me some, but you're kidding right now.

I'm still training my replacement, but for a while there I was.  I've been burned before by being too honest with employers. Yeah. Multiple times where I'll be honest and their response to me is like the self protective thing. It's like, well, if you're gonna do that side hustle thing and quit in a couple months, why don't you just leave now?

You know? And it's like, fuck, now I'm screwed. And yeah. And that's happened to me. That's happened to me in other circumstances before. So there's a risk in being honest, but the thing is, is I've decided. I want a policy for myself to live an honest life. And so I just blurted it out right to my boss. I'm like my wife and I are coaches.

We've been coaches a long time. I told you that, you know, when I applied for this job, well, we're gonna go back to that. She's already got a couple clients and I don't feel like I have the energy to do both. And we really want to get back to that. So I'm just letting you know, the end of October is probably gonna be my last day and this was like two and a half months.

Notice. Big risk. Cuz if they had tried to like replace me sooner or dock my hours or whatever it is to like self protect that could have screwed our whole plans up. But I just decided that honesty is the way I wanna live. So. What's cool about it is that they are cool about it. We've I've been getting a lot of encouragement and hope it works well for you, and I'm sure you're gonna do great.

And I keep saying, well, if it doesn't work, you know, I'll be begging for a job next spring or something. Mm-hmm  and the response I always get is like, oh, I'm sure you're gonna do great. That's so great. Yeah. That's really sweet. Yeah. So that's, what's going on there really appreciate all those people. I don't dislike my job cuz of the people I really don't even dislike it cuz of the work.

I just mainly dislike it because it's a time suck and it's an energy suck and I want to do so many things with my life. So much variety. It's a lot of hours. Yeah. It's a lot of hours to be doing. One thing, repetitive, heavy, hard work. Yeah. Yeah. And I mean, how awesome though, that you've been able to listen to so many podcasts?

Hell yeah. Do a lot of like research in the meantime. Yeah. I think that's so cool. Yeah. So that's kind of the next step. So I have five more weeks of that listening to lots of podcasts at work to educate myself on the business that we're doing.  and every weekend we are. Not only podcasting and editing, but we're designing our workout programs and our course that we're gonna be launching in January.

Marketing's gonna start in November. And the door's open to register for that are probably gonna start mid-October. So we're gearing up for all that and working on that every weekend.  at the same time, taking care of chickens and cats and a tortoise and the forest and a house and training a couple local clients signed up a new client this morning, and then tomorrow we start logging.

So that we're cutting all of our firewood for the two houses here on the property. Yeah, that'll be a, so that's hard car.  the LL be a hardcore home setting podcast to follow I'm. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. You know, anything you want to add? I mean, just, I just wanna like give a shout out to anybody out there who's pursuing their own dreams, business relationships.

Just keep moving. You know, it's definitely okay to feel knocked down and to maybe need to reassess mm-hmm  but keep moving. You know, an object that's in motion will stay in motion. Yeah. And so keep moving and, and that might include moving on to other relationships because yes. Pivoting is a big part of that.

Yeah. A definitely something I think people need to get used to having in their arsenal all the time. Yeah. Like if you, if you want, I just read a quote by James clear and he said, if you want to change a habit, then surround yourself with people whose lifestyle. That, that habit is normal for them.

Mm. I butchered the quote, but you get the idea like you wanna surround, oh, he said, join a community where that habit is the norm. Mm. I love that. Join a community where that habit is the norm. If you wanna develop a new habit. So that carries over to everything that carries over to your values, your pursuits, your.

Personal development. Like every, anything you want to change in your life. That's one of the paths of least resistance really is to join a community that is in alignment with those values or that development or those qualities that you wanna see in your life and in yourself is to surround yourself with people who have normalized it, who are not gonna say.

just work your job and buy a house and well, and that just goes to, I think that is the same for support mm-hmm , you know, you and I doing this together and being so like good with each other and like taking good care of each other and listening to each other and Really working as a team. I think that that's going so far.

And so, you know, maybe not everybody is trying to partner up with their romantic partner in their business pursuits, but I think it just, I just wanna speak to having somebody in your corner. Who's really championing your, your efforts. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Yep. That can also be a coach and we're available.

So , yeah, there's that  but it, but really seriously it's a little bit meta and I don't like the, I'm not talking about the Facebook meta. I'm talking about the, the broader term meta where like in, in inception where there's a dream and a dream and a dream, our business is a little bit that way too, because the coaching that we're providing is a lot of what we're walking right now.

This, this. The actions that we're taking and the practices that we're developing is it are some of the exact same things we're gonna be teaching to our classes. Yes. That is how Cody and I learn, we teach. Exactly. And so if you wanna be on board with this kind of thing, like. Living a passionate life and implementing change.

And if you need to seek a community where the habits that you want are normalized, mm-hmm, , we're gonna, we're gonna be providing that. So yeah. Get ahold of us and we're stinking excited about it. You good? Yeah. All right. I'm gonna publish this out of order. We recorded this after our 14th episode, but because it's timely and it's like a, an update to current events.

I'm just gonna put that this out as like a bonus episode. So watch for more of these coming in the future, and we'll keep you posted on the current functioning of our pursuits. Thanks for being here. We really appreciate all of you.